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I invite you to take your time while you visit my numerous photo-galleries and if you wish, please, feel free to write giving me your view/opinions and any advise or suggestions. The photo images here displayed, give only an indication of what the originals look like, as they are light files and the quality of the pictures is inferior if we compare them with the real ones. I wish to remind you that I am the owner of all the material you will find on this website and that I do not make any profit out of it; I simply use it to divulge and share this wonderful passion wich is "Photography". Therefore I kindly invite those who surf my site, not to use the material it contains, at least for public use. If you might be interested in one or more images, you may contact me directly. Thank you.

" Pokrova Vernissag 2017 " - Internat. Contest
Read Rules of Contest - Closing date 20 August 2017
" 8 March 2017 " - Internat. Contest
Read Rules of Contest - Closing date 31 January 2017
" Pokrova Vernissag 2016 " - Internat. Contest
Read Rules of Contest - Closing date 25 August 2016
SQUARE 2015 - Internat. Photography Competition
Read rules of Contest - Closing date 10 October 2015

Honorary Fellow "Image Colleague Society International " USA

Honorary Fellowship "Photo Art Society Batu Pahat, Johor" Malaysia 
Honorary Title - "A.F.I."
Italian Artist Photographer
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07.07.2017 - Judge - Inter. Contest " Pokrova Vernissage "- Ukraine
20.04.2017 -Judge - Europeo Contest "Pomposa "- Italy
01.01.2017 - Judge - Inter. Contest " 8 March"- Italy
06.09.2016 - Audiovisuals Evening in Rivne - Ukraine
06.09.2016 - Personal exibition in Rivne - Ukraine
21.05.2016 - Judge - Inter. Contest " Pokrova Vernissage "- Ukraine
07.05.2016 - Personal exibition in Pomposa Abbay - Italy
21.03.2016 - Judge - National Contest " Obiettivo Valsesia" - Italy
21.10.2015 - Judge - International Contest " The Square" - Oman
25.03.2015 - Judge - International Contest " CIDPC 2015 " - Cyprus


Venetian Lady

You and me

The guardian


Dance in the Snow


Rural wedding

Chinese policeman of traffic

Shepherd in the Snow

Dangerous jump

Sails on the river

Artist Hand

Tears and consolation

The Race

A men and a women

Sad eyes

Little faithful

Rural Wedding

Waiting children

Orthodox Mass

Looks at the window

Stone and chalk

Romanian women

Street concert

Romanian wedding

Sun and wind

China lagoon

Fashion show

Venecian Mask



Young farmers

The flaute

Panel new photos 2013
Panel new photos 2012
China : Miao People