Valerio Perini


Valerio Perini

--------- AFI – Artist of Italian Federation Photographic Associations--- ----- ----- -- -- AFIAP – Artiste de la Federation Iinternationale de l ’Art ---------------------------------------- Photographique - France
--------- EFIAP - Excellence de la Federation Iinternationale de l ’Art ---------------------------------- Photographique - France
--------- Hon. F.ICS - Honorary Fellow of " Image Colleague Society ------------------------------------------ International " - USA
--------- Hon. F.PSBP - Honorary Fellowship of " Photo Art Society ------------------------------------------- Batu Pahat " - Malaysia
----------Hon. F.IVAF - Honorary Fellowship of "Indian Visual ---------------------------------       ----               Arts Foundation-"  Kolkata . India ----------------------------- ----- Hon. F.BSPA - Honorary Fellow of  " Bangladesh Society -------------------         ---                     - of Photographic Art " - Bangladesh   ------------------------------ Grand Master  ICS  - " Image Colleague Society ----------------------------------------------                  ----      ----- International " – USA

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-------- FIAF - Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche
-------- FIAP - Federation Iinternationale de l ’Art Photographique ----- --------- -- ----- ICS - Image Colleague Society ----------------------------------------------------- - -----GPU - Global Photographic Union
-------- ISF - Image sans Frontiere
-------- PSA - Photographic Society of America

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I’m a photographer born in Florence, Italy, where I still live.
I started to photography around 18/20 years old. In 1979 with my wife, we founded the photo-club “La Torretta” involving many photo fans.
 In 1980 I organize the 1st regional contest and after a year the National contest.
 In the meantime, in cooperation with the City Government we got fresh photos of the territory for the Public Archive and I made a search of “war memorials” with photo-exhibitions - I also executed a reportage on the Irpinia (Italy) earthquake.
 In only 4 years of FIAF contests (1981-1984) I had 191 entries (176 for black/white photos) that consented me to have a “FIAF STAR” honour.
 I won many national and international prizes and had photos shown in Hong-Kong, Singapore, Durban, France and England; some photos published on FIAF Year Book in the 1982, 83, 84 and 85, on the World SICOF Year Book in 1982 and on the magazines “Fotografare” and “Reflex” in more than an occasion.
At the end of 1984 I had to give up; for personal reasons I didn’t have the time for photos or contest organizations, but those years remained in my heart as an important occasion of knowledge of different people and Countries.
In December 2004 I really passed through a very difficult moment of my life but, luckily, I discovered my old analog camera and with a new digital one I started again the adventure!
The 2006/2007/2008 National Photographic Contests gave me the opportunity to be classified in the first positions of “ FIAF Contests” in Italy and to win some International ’ones: I’m the first Italian photographer to win the “Al-Thani Award 2006” in Qatar. I win prizes to The Trierenberg Super Circuit 2007 in Austria, and the Photovernissage 2007 in Rivne-Ukraine, Aqueducte and Reus in Spain 2008, Algarve in Portugal, again Photovernissage in Ukraine 2008, Pistoia and Garbagnate in Italy.
Many photos are published by national and international catalogues and photo-magazines in Italy and abroad; some works are into the International Museum of Photography in Cerdanyola del Valles (Barcelona - Spain).
 Photo exhibitions in Italy, Spain , Ukraine, France, Cyprus, India, Japan and National Museum of Photography of Lishui (China).
In March 2008, I receive honour AFIAP “Artiste de la Federation Internationale de l ’Art Photographique "
In May of the same year, I take part with the Italian Team , at the "29th Biennial Black & White World Cup" in Slovakia and in that occasion I win the Bronze Medal as individual prize.
In August 2009 I'm part of the Italian representative who win the Gold Medal at the "25th Biennial projected images World Cup" in Indonesia. In the same year I win prizes in Greece, Ukraine, France, Austria and Italy .
In January 2010, I win the honour FIAF * Star in "Projected Images" having successfully completed 150 admissions at National Contests .
In the same year I won 7 prizes National contests and 260 admissions and 21 prizes in International contest : Italy, Romania, Spain, Argentina, Ukraine, San Marino, Finland.
In January 2010 I receive honour EFIAP “ Excellence de la Federation Internationale de l ’Art Photographique "
I teach photography and do meetings with photographers in Italy to explain my photographic technique
I have been part of jury in National and International competitions.
In the Italian contest-ranking from 1956 till 2011 I’m in the first positions with 660 admissions in 11 years activity.
From 2006 every year I have photos published on FIAF Year Book and other national , international photo-magazines.
Photography is important for me; it’s trying to catch that particular moment, like drawing an emotion and I know that my heart and the love I feel for anything alive, play an important rule in all I do.
This is why I don’t want to alter the situation I see, but eventually, I personalize my shots by changing my position or using different lenses while with the computer I only interfere on colour contrast, on the lights and squaring the images, like I did before using the dark-room.
I print my photos by myself because using Professional print shops would be like sharing my work with them and I believe that this would detract something from the feel of my pictures.
In 2012 I'm the Italian photographer who received more awards in International competitions : exactly 71 prizes, including 61 FIAP, the other 10 are PSA-UPI-ISF (1 Best Salon, 21 Gold Medal, 6 Silver Medal , 6 Bronz Medal, 6 Special Awards and 21 HM).
I also have FIAP 590 admissions and other 56 admissions with other International Organizations.
In 2012 I got also 5 National awards including 4 FIAF and FIAF second Star * for projected images.
In 2013 I'm the Italian photographer who received more awards in International competitions : exactly 85 prizes, including 80 FIAP, the other 5 are PSA-UPI-ISF. I also have FIAP 850 admissions and other 20 admissions with other International Organizations.
In the National ranking of the admissions of FIAF competitions (year 1956-2013), I'm currently at the 33st position with 809 admissions, in 14 years of activity.
In 2013 I got also 10 National awards including 9 FIAF.
In the National ranking of the admissions of FIAF competitions (year 1956-2014), I'm currently at the 35th position with 809 admissions, in 15 years of activity.
In 2014 I have  got 202 admissions and 20 Prizes and 2 Blue Badge for the Best Author   FIAP and 110 admissions  and 7 prizes PSA .