Valerio Perini
Kyoto - Japan
The 16th International Together Joint Photo Exhibition c/o "City Museum" - From 19 to 25 May 2009
Exposition of 10 monochrome photos


The 16th International Joint Exchange photo Exhibition in Kyoto
JIPF founded 25th Anniversary Exhibition
From May 19th to May 24th 

Participated countries                                                                       Support -------

---Austria                                                                                  Kyoto prefecturer
---Cyprus                                                                                   Kyoto city
---England                                                                                 Kyoto prefecural- - -- --------Germany                                                                               International Center
---Italy                                                                                       Kyoto city Int,comu-
---Kazakhstan                                                                           cate association 
---Luxembourg                                                                          NHK Kyoto Broadcast
---Macau                                                                                   Kyoto ews paper
---Malaysia                                                                               Yomiuri News paper
---New Zealand                                                                         Mainichi ews Paper
---Netherland                                                                            FIAP
---Sri Lanka
---Taiwan                                                                                   Director;  JIPF
---Ukraine                                                                                 Takeshi Tokumasu
---Japan  Aomori

Photo Exhibition c/o "City Museum"
JIPF President "Takeshi TOKUMASU"
Photo Exhibition c/o "City Museum"
Title : Courtyad
Title : Puppies
Title : Prayer
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